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Impact Program

Impact Program Vision

Salt Lake County’s arts and culture organizations are thriving and know how to access and utilize community resources in order to build a diverse and robust arts and culture scene in every county neighborhood which is accessible to all. 

Background On Impact Program

Impact program was developed in response to the ZAP Equity Initiative to foster equity and economic stability within the Salt Lake County arts and culture nonprofit community. Additionally, the purpose of Tier II funding is to build organizational capacity and enhance the County’s cultural offerings and community. 

To support these efforts, the ZAP Impact Program was established along with the following program goals: 

  1. Provide resources and support to our Tier II grantees to bring them to their next level of operational, programmatic, financial, or organizational maturity so that they may more efficiently advance their mission. 
  2. Foster a sense of community within ZAP grantees. 

The Impact Program will work toward achieving these goals through the Collective programLocal Arts Agency program, and through ongoing offerings of workshops and trainings