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Is your organization interested in applying for ZAP funding? Please see the information below on how to apply.


General Requirements

ZAP primarily offers three categories of grant funding to art, cultural, and botanical organizations.

Each application is reviewed by its applicable ZAP Advisory Board, made up of qualified volunteer community members who dedicate hundreds of hours to the process of reviewing each application submitted. Each application is reviewed according to a specific set of scoring criteria that is publicly available on that category's information page.

Broadly, all organizations must meet these basic ZAP eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a 501(c)3
  • Only activities held within Salt Lake County may be funded
  • Only activities open to the public may be funded
  • Must be arts, cultural, historical or botanical in focus
  • Must fall within one of the established ZAP disciplines

Grants are competitive and not guaranteed year-to-year. Each category may have its own additional eligibility requirements. These can be found on each individual funding category page.

Most organizations will apply for the Tier II category. If you are unsure which category to apply for, please contact ZAP staff.

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