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For the health and safety of occupants, the Salt Lake County Health Department requires that residential dwellings meet minimum standards of livability.

In general, this means that the dwelling must:

Our housing inspectors investigate reports of substandard dwellings and may require property owners to make repairs to meet minimum standards of human habitability. 

Though we often work together to accomplish related goals, health department housing inspectors are not building inspectors, and the health department does not have the legal power to "condemn" a structure. Note that municipal building inspectors may have requirements, beyond those of the health department, before a property can be used or occupied legally.

In some cases, the health department may close a structure in one of two ways:

Closed to Occupancy

(yellow placard)

Structures closed to occupancy are not currently fit for human habitation. Authorized people may enter these properties during certain hours to clean or make required repairs. No one may sleep, prepare meals, or carry out other activities in a building closed to occupancy; doing so is a violation of state law.

Closed to Entry

(red placard)

Due to chemical contamination, structures closed to entry present a health threat to anyone who enters the structure. Authorized decontamination personnel may enter these properties for conducting a preliminary assessment or performing permitted decontamination work. No other entry is allowed at any time.

Only the health department may remove a placard from a closed structure; it is illegal for anyone else to do so.

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