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Frequently Asked Questions

By law, the annual tax process involves 5 steps:

  1. Entities
    • Budgets are generated by 72 County entities that perform public services like schools, libraries, cities, etc. (Remember, in your area you only utilize and fund a subset of these services.)
  2. Recorder
    • Records and accurately maintains all County property ownership.
  3. Assessor
    • Values all the recorded County properties.
  4. Auditor & Utah State Tax Commission
    • Calculates a certified tax rate which is a multiplier number against the property values to fund all 72 Countywide service entity budgets. (see the "Basic Example" below)
  5. Treasurer
    • Administers taxpayer relief programs for qualifying applicants.
    • Bills, Collects, Protects, and Distributes $1Billion in property taxes to
    • fund the 72 countywide budgets.
    • Funds elected officials operations (Accounts Payable, Payroll, etc.).
    • Invests elected officials short and long term available funds.

You will automatically receive your tax bill in early October. If you do not receive it by mid October, contact the Treasurer's Office.