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Survey Recordation

The Recordation desk of the Salt Lake County Surveyor offers a variety of data and services which are available to the public in Suite N1-940 of the Salt Lake County Government Complex.
We provide a repository for all boundary surveys performed in Salt Lake County since 1987. Additionally, we have numerous copies of historic surveys and other information, which might be of interest to the researcher.

The Recordation section maintains a volume of standard city, township, county, and community maps. These standard maps contain commonly asked for information, or themes such as streets, cities, aerial photography, and waterways. However, if one of these standard maps does not meet your unique needs, we can create a custom map for you.

Images of current and historical aerial photography may be examined in the Recordation Section. Most of these documents have been ortho-rectified and are therefore very accurate and clear. Additionally, color or black and white images are available. Should the user desire a copy, they may purchase either a digital or a hard copy.

The recordation section is the point of contact to obtain a monument preservation permit. The permit is required to insure public survey monuments are properly and adequately referenced.