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Corner Reports

A Public Land Survey corner, as defined by Utah Code 17-23-17.5, means a property corner, a property controlling corner, a public land survey corner, or any combination of these; and a monument means an accessory that is presumed to occupy the exact position of the corner.

Any land surveyor making a boundary survey and utilizing a corner shall, within 90 days, complete, sign, and file with the Salt Lake County Surveyor, a written record to be known as a corner file for every public land survey corner and accessory to the corner which is used as control in any survey by the surveyor, unless the corner and its accessories are already a matter of record in the county.

The Corner File is a public document, prepared and filed by the land surveyor who performed the boundary survey. The County Surveyor will not be responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the filed document. However, the County Surveyor will review the document, and if validated, perpetuate the position of the corner in its survey control database.

There is not a charge to file a Corner Report in the office of the Salt Lake County Surveyor. 

File a Corner Report

File a Corner Report

Ensure readable and legible forms:

  • Use black ink for text and line work (halftones and grayscales do not reproduce well).
  • Use black ink for your Certification Seal (many colors do not reproduce well and are harder to read).
  • Use standard text fonts larger than 1/8 of an inch in height on submitted form (small and fancy fonts are harder to read).
  • Attach each graphic or digital image to PLS Corner Page 2 or a Microsoft Word document as separate images.