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Do you access social services in Salt Lake County? Are you always in search of missing documents?

SAMi is a web-based app residents can access on a phone or computer to securely and privately store information to provide to case managers. It can help you:

  • Upload and store important documents
  • Keep track of appointments and deadlines
  • Save contact information for case managers
  • Find services and resources for your situation
  • Keep track of your housing history and address changes
  • Keep record of employment history and education to generate a resume
  • Record and track household expenses
  • Control who you share information with

SAMi gives users control over their information and who they share it with.

For SAMi Account Owners

  1. Register to create your own secure user account, which you control access to.
  2. Generate your own personal file, that goes where you do!
  3. Use it to accomplish what is important to you, both on your own or with any Case Manager.
  4. You choose what you share. You decide what is helpful for you to have in your file.

If you need help creating an account or managing your file, you can work with a trusted Case Manager, or you can talk to a County Navigator on the phone.

For Service Agency Providers

SAMi will help support your case management staff by developing targeted resources to address documented barriers to client success.

This is NOT another system that providers need to enter data into. Clients have complete control over their own data contained in their personal client record.

Empower your Clients to have more control over their unique journey. Incorporate the work that you are doing with them into a plan for what they will accomplish next, and then give them the tools to follow on their own schedules.

Clients authorize sharing of their own information, which they can do immediately while they are working with you. You do not need to wait for agencies to work out sharing agreements with prior Case Managers, or wait to obtain information that the Client has already provided to other agencies

The Client’s file is accessible to them wherever they go. Help your Clients build on efforts that they have already been working on, instead of having to experience the frustration of starting over with every new Case Manager.

Case Manager Training Materials:

The Affordable Connectivity Program

Important Update: Congress has yet to approve funding to continue the ACP and as a result, the program has entered a federal wind-down period. Funding is set to run out in April 2024. At this time the ACP benefit will no longer be available.

The last day to enroll in the Affordable Connectivity Program ( ACP) is February 7th 2024. Benefits are not guaranteed for the whole year. for more information, please reach out to our SAMi or ACP navigator teams.

The Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP is a federal benefit offered to low-income individuals and households to lower or eliminate their cost of internet. The goal of the ACP is to improve digital equity, access, and economic mobility.

Our team of Sami Navigators are here to assist you. Contact us to find out if you qualify for the ACP; it only takes a minute! If you qualify, we can walk you step by step through enrollment, answer your questions about the program, as well as discuss other digital inclusion resources that may be available in our community.

Here are some additional links and information to help you navigate the process of accessing affordable internet. Our goal is to make your journey to affordable internet access as seamless as possible.

Once you've determined your eligibility and completed the ACP application, the next step is to contact your chosen internet provider to finalize your service enrollment. Our Sami Navigator team, is available to assist you at any stage of this process, ensuring you get the support you need to stay connected.