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Bees Program & Noxious Weeds Program

Bees & Noxious Weeds Program

Phone Number (385) 468-4035

Peter Somers

Salt Lake County Bee Inspector

Phone Number (801) 874-2999

Noxious Weed Control Contractors

The following contractors provide noxious weed control services in Salt Lake County.

Salt Lake County Health Department cannot recommend or vouch for any of the contractors listed.

If you would like to be added to this list, please contact us.

Wes Thompson


Phone Number (435) 752-4202

Chad Dewey

Dewey Brothers

Phone Number (435) 891-6380

Travis Good


Phone Number (435) 283-6002

Tom Glass

High Mountain Nursery

Phone Number (435) 731-0107

Rich Hansen

Phragmites Control Specialists

Phone Number (801) 710-0897

Nate Elwood

PMG Vegetation Control

Phone Number (435) 890-9936

Ernesto A. de la Hoz

Redfish Environmental

Phone Number (435) 757-0073

Bruce Reed

The Samara Company

Phone Number (801) 845-6811

Mike McNally

Spring Creek Landscaping

Phone Number (801) 860-8162

Phone Number (385) 468-4100

Hours Monday through Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM