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Substance Use Prevention

What We Do

The Substance Use Prevention program contracts with community-based providers to deliver comprehensive alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) prevention services ranging from early pregnancy programs to senior citizen education.

We do not provide treatment services.

    Our prevention services:

    • Save lives. Over half a million Americans die each year from alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) related causes; these deaths are preventable.
    • Help contain costs. Preventing problems also keeps taxes and insurance rates from increasing.
    • Lower social costs. Over two-thirds of all arrests in the United States are alcohol and drug related.
    • Reduce fear. Nearly 40% of parents believe that ATOD are the most worrisome risk for their children.
    • Involve everyone. Just as ATOD problems cut across every age, economic, and cultural group, so do prevention efforts.

    Examples include:

    • Education and outreach for older adults (55+)
    • Coalition building and community organization
    • Academic assistance and tutoring programs
    • Parenting and family management classes
    • Multi-cultural prevention services
    • Life skills development and job training
    • Mentoring programs
    • Recreational and other drug-free activities

    Prevention strategies include:

    • Distributing information about ATOD use, abuse, and addiction
    • Improving individuals' ability to make healthy choices
    • Offering constructive and healthy drug-free activities
    • Helping individuals identify, educate, counsel, and refer youth who have experimented with ATOD
    • Working with elected officials to set up or change written and unwritten community standards, codes, and attitudes about ATOD use 

    Substance Use Prevention Program
    Salt Lake County Health Department
    2001 South State Street, Suite S2-600 
    PO Box 144575 
    Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4575 


    The program periodically offers funding opportunities to support substance use prevention (not treatment) in Salt Lake County. The next funding opportunity is expected to be February 2022.

    We are hoping to help applicants find partners for this work through “matchmaking” across organizations so a group of organizations can support each other and apply jointly to the funding opportunity. At the link below, we have listed organizations that have indicated an interest in partnering to apply for funding opportunities.

    One example of a partnership may be an experienced nonprofit provider that is familiar with evidence-based programs, but that is looking to reach clients in a community with which they are not connected. This provider could partner with a community-based organization (CBO) from the focus community to reach clients and train the CBO partner in program facilitation.

    To be eligible for the Request for Applications, you must be either a registered nonprofit corporation, a 501c3/4, a local government agency, or a school. If you are applying as a partnership or coalition that is not a registered entity, you must have an eligible lead partner applying as the fiscal agent.

    If you are interested in being included in the list of organizations open to partnership, please complete our partnership interest form.

    Rx Abuse

    Misuse of prescription pain medications is a growing problem, especially in Utah; deaths attributable to prescription opioid ovedoses have more than tripled since 1999.

    We are a partner organization of Use Only As Directed, a media and education campaign designed to prevent and reduce the misuse and abuse of prescription pain medications by providing information and strategies regarding safe use, storage, and disposal.

    Visit to find a drop-off box to properly dispose of unneeded prescription pain medication.



    Request for Application (RFA) 

    We have extended the Community-Centered Evidence-Based Coalitions RFA Round 2 deadline to Friday, April 5, at 11:59pm.
    Applicants previously submitted for round 2 may resubmit or change their application during the reopened application window.

    Salt Lake County Health Department
    General Information  
    Phone: (385) 468-4100