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Special Events


If you’re planning an event in Salt Lake County (on either public or private property), you may need to meet certain health guidelines or apply for a health department permit—in addition to any requirements imposed by the municipality where you’re holding the event.

For example:

  • Events attended by a large number of people may need a mass gathering permit.
  • Events that could result in loud noise may need a temporary noise permit.
  • Events that include food service must ensure that each food booth obtains their own temporary food permit.

Mass Gatherings

Events that attract a large number of people (including, but not limited to, fairs, festivals, demonstrations, parades, “fun runs,” and concerts) must adequately meet restroom, first aid, waste disposal, and other requirements.

To ensure that event organizers meet these important needs, the health department requires organizers of large events to have a mass gathering permit. A health department mass gathering permit is required in addition to any municipal permits required by the city where your event will take place.

You must apply for a permit at least 30 calendar days in advance of your event.

You need a health department mass gathering permit if your event or gathering:

  • lasts more than 2 hours AND
  • will be attended by more than 500 people

You are generally not required to get a mass gathering permit for events held:

  • indoors (note, however, that indoor events must not exceed the building capacity as determined by the fire marshal)
  • in outdoor facilities specifically designed for large gatherings (such as stadiums)

Note that if your gathering has food service, each food booth must obtain their own temporary food permit.

To apply for a mass gathering permit, contact the health department at 385-468-3845 or

Application fees are based on the gathering’s attendance; applications received fewer than 30 days before the gathering are subject to a late fee.

Application fees apply to all gatherings, regardless of sponsoring organization or circumstances; waivers are not granted.

Noise Permits

Please visit the Noise Section.

Temporary Food Events

Please visit our Food Protection Bureau.

Salt Lake County Health Department
General Information  
Phone: (385) 468-4100