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The Epidemiology Bureau monitors the health of the community in Salt Lake County and helps protect our residents from foodborne illnesses, emerging infectious diseases, and other communicable diseases. The qualified and trained epidemiologists in the bureau:

  • investigate reportable diseases
  • conduct surveillance activities for diseases
  • analyze and interpret data to prevent diseases


Epidemiology Bureau
Salt Lake Public Health Center
610 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Reportable Diseases

What is a reportable disease?

State law requires reporting of certain diseases and situations to the appropriate local health department. This helps ensure that public health officials can act appropriately to protect the health of the public.

What about confidentiality (including HIPAA)?

Reporting of communicable diseases to the appropriate health department, as required by law, is permitted under HIPAA and providers are not required to obtain patient consent before sending information to the health department. All reports to the health department are confidential.

Who should report a disease?

Anyone can report a disease to the health department, but most reports come from health care providers and laboratories, both of which are required to report certain diagnoses or lab results. Disease reports also come from schools, day cares, employers, and everyday citizens.

When should I report a disease?

Some diseases require immediate reporting (see reportable disease list [link to PDF]) and should be reported immediately to 385-468-8888, option #7. Diseases that are not immediately reportable should be reported within three working days of identification to 385-468-8888, option #6, faxed confidentially to 385-468-4234, or reported online.

What should my report say?

A disease report should include the patient's:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Date of symptom onset
  • Date of lab test
  • Treatment information
  • Any other relevant disease-specific information

Salt Lake County Health Department
General Information  
Phone: (385) 468-4100