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TRCC Support Program Page

Salt Lake County elected to impose a tax under the Tourism, Recreation, Cultural, Convention, and Airport Facilities Tax Act, Utah Code Ann. §§ 59-12-601 et seq. (the "Act"), to support cultural and economic growth within its boundaries. Revenue collected under this tax may be used for the development and maintenance of convention facilities, cultural facilities, recreation facilities, or tourism promotion. To this end, the Salt Lake County Tourism, Recreation, Culture, and Convention (TRCC) Support Program is designed to help eligible organizations develop relevant projects to meet the current and future needs of Salt Lake County’s residents and visitors. Through this program, eligible organizations can apply for funding for consulting, capital, or tourism expenses.



A skateboarder rides down a ramp. A skateboarder rides down a ramp.

Projects Make A Difference!

TRCC Grant Program supports various cultural and recreational projects, like West Valley Skate Park users asking for lights for evening skating.