Explore Near Earth

Clark Planetarium features three floors of hands-on, free interactive exhibits.

Space Weather (Second Floor)

There may not be a lot of air, but there’s still a lot of weather in space. Experiment with plasma, magnetic fields and Auroras. Get to know our Sun and hear the wonderous sounds it makes.


Space Weather

Space isn't empty. It's full of plasma. Explore our interactive exhibits by firing solar flares at planets to see how strong their magnetic fields are. Stand in front of an auroral display and wave your hand to move it. Control plasma and cause an auroral oval to form in our Planeterrella Exhibit, one of only 2 of this type on public display. Watch a giant projection of our active Sun and see time-lapse footage of the aurora from the International Space Station.

Space Weather Fact: Auroras are the most visible effect of the Sun’s activity on the Earth’s atmosphere.