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Humane Education

Responsibility + Compassion + Safety + Pets = Humane Education!

Salt Lake County Animal Services' innovative programs incorporate materials for all ages, youth through adults. Our age-appropriate presentations demonstrate:

  • Basic Animal Care
  • Humane Treatment of Animals
  • Important Animal Safety Information
  • Careers in Animal Welfare/Care



A girl sleeping with a dog. A girl sleeping with a dog.

Benefits of Humane Education

  • Teaches young people to treat animals with respect and compassion
  • Reduces the number of homeless pets in our community
  • Increases the number of licensed and microchipped pets so more go back home
  • Keeps everyone safer from animal bites
  • Breaks the links of animal cruelty, domestic violence and criminal behavior
  • Teaches the community to be responsible pet owners
  • Instills the long-term values of compassion, empathy, and responsibility

Educational Presentations

We offer the following programs, and are always happy to customize presentations to meet curriculum goals and class themes:

  • Preschool: Introduction to Pets and Bite Prevention
  • K-2: Basic Animal Care, Responsible Pet Ownership, Bite Prevention
  • 3-6: Responsible Pet Ownership, Bite Prevention, Animal Services Heroes
  • 7-12: Responsible Pet Ownership, Bite Prevention, Animal & Community Issues, and Careers in Animal Welfare
  • Bite Prevention training for high risk jobs: mail carriers, delivery drivers, etc.

Teachers can also schedule a presentation or series of presentations concluding with a shelter tour.

A cat sitting on a shelf. A cat sitting on a shelf.

Adopt a Pet!

Are you ready to add a furry family member to your home? Find out more about the process and see what animals are currently up for adoption.

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