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Mayor Ben McAdams

2014 State of the County
— The Future We Choose

How Salt Lake County will become the healthiest county in America; healthy economy, healthy balance sheet, healthy families. View speech


Legislation signed by the governor sets the stage for next steps for unincorporated county governance.
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  • Improving Air Quality in Salt Lake County
    Improving Air Quality in Salt Lake County

    Making strides towards a more sustainable Salt Lake County is a priority for Mayor McAdams. Learn about his recycling challenge and the first sustainability cabinet.

  • 911 Solution
    911 Solution

    Mayor McAdams has proposed a solution to the Salt Lake region’s 911 computer system discrepancies.

  • Education

    Improving education programs is one of Mayor McAdams’ top priorities. Click here to learn about his new education initiatives.

  • Wasatch Canyons
    Wasatch Canyons

    Planning for the future of our Wasatch Canyons requires a lot of public input and a lot of collaboration. Learn about the role of the newly formed Mountain Accord group.

  • Salt Lake County:
    Salt Lake County: "Best to Invest"

    Salt Lake County Economic Development has been voted one of the top Best to Invest areas in the country! Read more about the ranking here.

  • State Prison Relocation
    State Prison Relocation

    Mayor McAdams has been appointed to serve on the governor’s prison relocation board. The mayor is committed to acting as an advocate for SLCo taxpayers. More.