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News and Announcements

04/17/2014 3:02 pm

After the 7.2 Earthquake...

Salt Lake County leaders have set up Incident Command at the South Towne Exposition Center in Sandy.  Here they are testing County Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP plans) to ensure County teams are prepared to operate in the event of a real emergency.  Right now at South Towne we have Information Services, the Unified Police Department, Volunteer Services, Aging and Adult Services, Mayor's Finance, Emergency Services, Human Resources, the Clerks' Office, Contracts and Procurement, and the Treasurer's Office.  All teams are activating their COOP plans and testing the IS Disaster Recovery Plan.  The fact that you are reading this now is proof positive that the plan is working. 

Pictures to follow.

04/17/2014 5:05

Team working at computers

The COOP exercise is now over.  County employees should know this operation is an effort to test technology and communication methods to ensure that if there is a true emergency we can communicate with every County employee to address their own needs as well as serving the public.

Team working at computers


Man Working at Computer ServersIn preparation for the County’s continuity of operations (COOP) exercise for the 2014 Great Utah ShakeOut, Information Services prepares to transport cartridge backups to the contracted disaster recovery site in Maryland. As part of I.S.’ biannual mainframe disaster recovery testing procedures, the mainframe systems are copied, transported to Maryland, installed on hardware at our alternate site in Maryland, and tested by the I.S. staff.
During the April 17th COOP exercise, some of the 14 County organizations participating in the exercise will be accessing their data from the alternate Maryland site, instead of the usual location in the County Government Center’s north building.

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