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Regional Solutions

A row of buildings. A row of buildings.

Zoning Reform for Housing Attainability

75% of US cities restrict housing to single-family homes, hindering affordability, diversity, and accessibility. Zoning reform can improve livability by allowing more housing options and reducing congestion.

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A building with windows. A building with windows.

Missing Middle Housing

Middle Housing is house-scale residential buildings with multiple units. The neighborhood-centric strategy centers on diverse housing options, such as duplexes, fourplexes, cottage courts, and multiplexes.

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A group of people walking on a street. A group of people walking on a street.

Making Strides: Creating Walkable Communities

Cities should be and often seek to be more walkable. Walkability benefits residents' health, wealth, environment, and sense of community. How can walkability serve as a solution to some problems faced across Salt Lake County as we grow?

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The High Cost of Free Parking The High Cost of Free Parking

The Hidden Costs of Free Parking

Parking consumes a lot of land -- something in limited supply in Salt Lake Valley. How do we change parking policy and building development to follow a more fiscal approach to land use? Changes could also alleviate other key issues: air quality and affordable housing supply.

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