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White City Canal Trail Plan

The White City Canal Trail project aims to utilize an abandoned canal to provide a significant north-south connection from 9400 South at Big Bear Park to the Sandy Canal Trail at 10600 South, which will provide further connectivity to other regional trails in the area including: Dimple Dell, Draper Canal, Jordan River Parkway and Porter Rockwell. Additionally, the trail will provide a safe route to local schools in the surrounding neighborhoods. 

The project consists of developing a 12-foot wide paved multi-use ADA accessible pedestrian/bike path and a 6-foot wide gravel trail along the existing canal corridor.  It also consists of constructing a 347-foot pedestrian bridge to span over Dimple Dell Regional Park at approximately 800 East.


Project Timeline

Design and planning process  

Public open house

Construction begins from Big Bear Park to Carnation Drive
Temporary trail detour in Dimple Dell Regional Park, Monday-Friday (7 AM - 5 PM)

Completion from 10600 South to Big Bear Park.  Bridge over Dimple Dell Regional Park is anticipated to open July 29.

Construction is anticipated to begin for the final segment from Big Bear Park to 9400 South.