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April 18, 2024

Salt Lake County Animal Services Earns 16th Best of State Award for Community Development in Animal Services

Salt Lake County Animal Services (SLCoAS) proudly announces its achievement for the Best of State Award in the Community Development category, specifically for Animal Services. This marks the 16th year that SLCoAS has been recognized for its outstanding contributions to animal welfare and community development.

SLCoAS has established itself as Utah's largest No-Kill municipal shelter, boasting a remarkable 40-year legacy of compassionate care. From providing sheltering and animal control to emergency response and community education, SLCoAS stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry. With a consistent Live Release Rate averaging 94% over the past decade, SLCoAS is the largest no-kill shelter in Utah, embodying a commitment to humane sheltering and pet ownership that positively impacts both the county and its residents.

Through innovative programs and initiatives, SLCoAS continues to lead by example, addressing community challenges with creative solutions that enhance the quality of life for all. From round-the-clock field services to comprehensive veterinary care and humane education programs reaching over 7,000 students annually, SLCoAS remains at the forefront of animal welfare.

One of SLCoAS's pioneering initiatives, the Working Cat Program, has revolutionized the adoption process for displaced feral/semi-feral cats. By matching them with caregivers who offer food, outdoor shelter, and any necessary medical attention, these cats receive complete care while residing in an outdoor environment where they efficiently manage rodent populations. This program not only provides these cats with a chance at a brighter future, but also contributes to the overall well-being of communities.

Additionally, SLCoAS's Pet Crew Pantry program, in collaboration with volunteers, donors, grant organizations, and local retailers, has extended assistance to over 850 households, providing essential food and supplies for their beloved pets.

"We take great pride in delivering innovative services to our community each year and ensuring exceptional care for our shelter pets. It’s truly an honor to be awarded the Best of State Award for Community Development in Animal Services,” said Talia Butler, Division Director at Salt Lake County Animal Services.

SLCoAS's commitment to reshaping perceptions of municipal shelters and its dedication to offering exceptional support, education, protection, and advocacy for both animals and community members exemplify its mission to lead the way in innovative service delivery.

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