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Ann Granato

A person in a suit. A person in a suit. A person in a suit. A person in a suit.

Ann Granato was elected as the Salt Lake County Council’s District 4 representative in June 2018, just weeks after her husband — two-time Councilman Sam Granato — died from cancer. Sam asked Ann to pick up the torch to ensure that the people of District 4 would continue to have strong representation on the Council.

Ann has been a resident of District 4 for 60 years. She is a mother of four, grandmother of nine and small business owner. A graduate of the University of Utah’s College of Pharmacy, Ann also works as a Medicaid specialist for the state health department where she helps individuals and families maximize their health care benefits, while managing costs.
As the District 4 councilwoman, Ann is focused on preserving the quality of life in Salt Lake County even as rapid growth and change increase the demands on public services and resources.

Councilwoman Granato is committed to maintaining Salt Lake County’s AAA bond rating, which saves taxpayer dollars, while also providing adequate funding for public safety and other critical services, including programs that support local business owners that help individuals families thrive. In addition, she’s focused on finding common-sense plans for growth that include efforts to improve air and water quality and preserve the county’s unique natural resources.