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2020 ZAP Tier II Application NOW OPEN!

Posted By Salt Lake County ZAP
January 15, 2020

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2020 Tier II Application Open

We are very pleased to announce that the 2020 ZAP Tier II Application is now open! The application closes Friday, April 3 at 5:00pm. No late or incomplete applications are accepted.


"Tier II" is one of four categories of ZAP funding: Tier I, Tier II, Recreation, and Zoological. All categories but Recreation are managed with an annual application process. Tier II is open to all organizations who are not funded in Tier I or Zoological. ZAP funding is unique, in that it can be used for operational expenses for qualifying organizations, in addition to program expenses.

Last year, ZAP's Tier II category funded 193 arts and cultural organizations to the tune of $2.5M total, helping them serve our diverse Salt Lake County community. All organizations are nonprofits who provide arts or cultural opportunities to the public within Salt Lake County.

These are organizations that YOU as taxpayers support to bring experiences to your families and communities, through 1¢ of every $10 of sales tax in the County.

If you know an arts or cultural nonprofit serving Salt Lake County who you don't think is receiving ZAP funding, share this blog with them! We would love to see if they may be eligible for funding.

Could My Organization Be Eligible?

If the following things are true about your organization or program, it may be eligible for ZAP funds:

  • 501(c)3
  • Arts & cultural focus
  • Programs available to the general public
  • Programs performed in Salt Lake County
  • Clearly falls in one of the established ZAP Disciplines

A detailed overview of the ZAP application process can be found at our Apply for Funds page. Eligibility requirements can be reviewed on the ZAP Tier II page, under the Eligibility tab.


If you are applying for ZAP funding for the very first time, please contact ZAP staff so that we can help you determine your eligibility for funding and get to know your organization better. We look forward to working with you!


Please visit the ZAP Tier II page, under the Apply tab, for more information on opening and submitting your organization.