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Kitt Curtis, Assessment and Referral-Youth

Behavioral Health Services

Additional Recipients:

Ray Barrett, PIHP Manager
Zac Case, Fiscal Manager
Brian Currie, Quality Assurance Coordinator
Jodi Delaney, Quality Assurance Coordinator
Jeannie Edens, Health Policy Coordinator
Vonnie Fischer, UWITS Billing Specialist
Pat Fleming, Director, Substance Abuse
Amy Gillespie, Quality Assurance Coordinator
Lisa L. Hamilton, Quality Assurance Coordinator
Brad Hammel, Utilization Review Coordinator
Carleen Jimenez, Quality Assurance Coordinator
Eve Martinez, Office Manager
Jessie Morris
Heather Moulton
Michelle Moyes, Assessment and Referral Specialist
Marjeen Nation, Accountant
William Reamer
Aurora Reyes, Assessment & Referral Supervisor
Brian Roach, Health Information Technology Specialist
Jeff L Smart, Associate Director
Helen Smith, Secretary
Lynnette Unger
Cory Westergard, Health Information Systems Manager
Tim Whalen, Director, Mental Health

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