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Waste and Recycling

In 2013, Salt Lake County residents were challenged by the Mayor to increase their recycling by 20% by September 2015.  This means we would need to achieve a 25% recycling rate.  We have reached recycled an average of 22% of our trash.  We can do more!  Pledge to help us reach the national average of 34%!  


Take the recycling challenge today

A lot of materials that end up in the landfill could have been recycled, composted, or reused.


5% Glass

7% Wood

9% Metal

12% Trash

12% Plastic

13% Green Waste

14% Food Waste

28% Paper

The Salt Lake Valley Landfill is an important resource to all county residents. Help us preserve the landfill by doing your part to reduce, reuse and recycle your waste.


We collect methane – a greenhouse gas – from the landfill and send it to be used as fuel. The energy generated from this process powers 3,000 homes in Murray City.