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Contact Us

Dina Blaes, Director of Office of Regional Development

385.468.4848 | email Dina
Office: Suite S2-100 (South Building)

Helen Peters, Director of Regional Planning & Transportation

385.468.4860 | email Helen

Office: Suite S2-100 (South Building)

Senior Policy Advisor and Special Projects Director

385.468.7144 |
Office: Suite S2-100 (South Building)

Michael Gallegos, Director of Housing & Community Development

385.468.4901 | email Mike
Office: Suite S2-100 (South Building)

Jevon Gibb, Director of Economic Development

385.468. | email Jevon
Office: Suite S2-100 (South Building)

Michael Shea, Sustainability Director

385.468.7032 | email Michael
Office: Suite S2-100 (South Building)

Office of Regional Development Communications Manager & Media Relations

Office: Suite S2-100 (South Building)

Regional Economic Development

Offices: Suite S2-100 (South Building)
Jevon Gibb Director of Regional Economic Development 385.468.4887 email Jevon
Brooke Shankland Economic Development Manager   email Brooke
Kersten Swinyard Senior Economic Development Manager  385.468.4869 email Kersten
Antonella Packard Economic Development Manager 385-468-4868 email Antonella
Adrian West Municipal Economic Development Coordinator 385.468.4876 email Adrian
Jayla Lundstrom Economic Development Coordinator 385.468.4873 Email Jayla

Regional Planning & Transportation

Office: Suite S2-100 (South Building)
Helen Peters Director of Regional Planning & Transportation 385.468.4860
email Helen
David Rodgers Transportation program Coordinator 385-468-4856 email David
Katie Romig Transportation Coordinator/GIS Specialist 385-468-4872 Email Katie
Vanessa Nelson Contracts Specialist  385.468.4854  email Vanessa

Housing & Community Development


Offices: Suite S2-100 and S2-810 (South Building)  
Michael Gallegos Director of Housing & Community Development 385.468.4901 email Mike G.
Erika S. Fihaki Office Coordinator  385.468.4900 email Erika
Lauren Littlefield Housing Recovery Program Manager  385.468.4944 email Lauren
Karen Kuipers Community Development Manager 385.468.4863 email Karen K.
Dan Tisdale Impact & Implementation Coordinator   email Dan
Amanda Cordova Contract Specialist 385.468.4891 email Amanda
Sandy Salazar Hernandez Human Services Navigator (Technologist)   email Sandy
Kennon Cooper Human Services Navigator (Technologist) 385.266.0740 email Kennon
Adam Fordham AmeriCorps VISTA / System Navigator Project 385.277.1105 email Adam
Carlos Martinez Contracts & Program Coordinator   email Carlos
Maria Sweeten Program Development Coordinator   email Maria
Randy Jepperson Housing Program Manager 385.468.4886 email Randy
Jennifer Jimenez Management Analyst 385.468.4871 email Jennifer
Mark Smith Lead Safe Housing Rehabilitation Program Manager 385.468.4888 email Mark
John Russell Senior Housing Rehabilitation Program Manager 385.468.4884 email John
Gordon Cline Housing Rehabilitation Project Manager 385.468.4885  email Gordon 
Bryan Clayton Housing Rehabilitation Project Manager 385.468.4884  email Bryan 
Sara Hernandez Housing Intake Coordinator  385.468.4890  email Sara 
Susan Fox Lead Safe Health Educator 385.468.4889 email Susan
Carol Dyksman Lead Safe Housing Program Coordinator 385.468.4892 email Carol 
Ayda Posso Lead Safe Outreach Coordinator 385.315.0049
email Ayda
Jamie West Lead Safe Assistant Outreach Assistant 385.232.4785
email Jamie

Administrative & Fiscal

Offices: Suite S2-955 (South Building) 
Dina Blaes Director of the Office of Regional Development 385.468.4848 email Dina
Roxie McSwain Administration & Fiscal Manager   email Roxie
Michael Shea Sustainability Director 385.468.7032 email Michael
Valerie Walton  Director of Special Projects 385.468.7144  email Valerie
Saskia DeVries Business Strategy Manager 385.468.4847 email Saskia
Philip Henderson Accountant 385.468.4898 email Philip
Susan Sullivan Fiscal Coordinator 385.468.4864 email Susan
Samantha Mitchell Fiscal Coordinator 385.468.4862 email Samantha
Tiffany Marquez Executive Assistant 385.468.4893 email Tiffany
In compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodations (including auxiliary communicative aids and services or alternate formats) for individuals with disabilities may be provided upon receipt of a request with five working days’ notice. To expedite accommodation requests and coordination, call 385-468-4900 or 385-468-4893.

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