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Rashelle Hobbs
Salt Lake County Recorder

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Property Watch


Rashelle Hobbs                                      Salt Lake County Recorder

We are excited to offer the Property Watch service to Salt Lake County residents free of charge.

The power of Property Watch is that you’re able to stay notified. It’s empowering. It’s a powerful and useful service to help protect property ownership.”

Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

Signing up for the Property Watch will enable you to keep track of any recorded changes to your property. The Salt Lake County Recorder's Office will send you an email, alerting you to any recorded documents. Your contact information will not be distributed and will only be used to communicate Property Watch information.

Note: Some addresses in Salt Lake County have more than one parcel number attached to it. Only enter 1 address with 1 parcel number. Notification of recorded documents will apply to all parcel numbers attached to a submitted address.

You must select the address from the drop-down list for the parcel number to populate.

The address needs to be entered according to Salt Lake County Addressing standards (i.e. 100 W 100 N or 7777 S STREET CIR) to find the correct parcel number.

If you have a parcel number with multiple addresses (i.e. a Duplex) please enter the address in the following format: 111-222 Street Dr.


Property Watch Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is property fraud?

Property fraud is when someone illegally uses your property for financial gain.

Q: What can I do to help protect myself from property fraud?

Your Salt Lake County Recorder's Office has created a notification service called Property Watch.

Q: What is Property Watch?

Property Watch is a free monitoring service offered to the Salt Lake County property owners in which you will be notified by email of any recording activity on your property. You can decide if the activity is expected or suspicious and take action if necessary.


Q: What information is included in the Property Watch notifications?
The email will include the Parcel Number reference, the recorded Entry Number, the Document Type and the Recorded Date.

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