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Tax Exemptions

Under Article XIII of the Utah Constitution, property that is owned by a nonprofit entity and used exclusively for charitable, religious, or educational purposes is exempt from property tax. The Board of Equalization determines whether property qualifies for exemption upon application of the property owner. Applications should be submitted to the Auditor’s office through the Tax Exemptions Portal.  If the Board of Equalization determines that the property is exempt, the owner must file a statement annually thereafter to establish that the property continues to be eligible for exemption. 


Tax Exemptions - Other Info

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the User Portal?

Salt Lake County has spent the last two years creating a new public User Portal so that citizens, businesses and organizations can access a new generation of tools and information. We look forward to adding new applications and ways to access your vital information in a secure environment. 

The Auditor's office is pleased to debut the first program to take advantage of the new User Portal - CRE Tax Exemptions

The CRE - Tax Exemptions program

The CRE (Charitable, Religious, & Exempt Organizations) program on the Portal is a great leap forward in handling tax exemption applications for these types of organizations. 

A user account on the Portal will allow organizations to review and manage tax exemption applications from year to year in a single, centralized environment. 

Organizations can view current and previous year's applications, and more easily manage the annual renewal process. Users can create new applications and upload documentation without the hassle of  back and forth emails. 

Organizations can even download summary reports containing their application information and save them for their own records. 

Each application, whether new, completed, or in progress, is visible on the dashboard. The dashboard will show the organization what status the applications are in. Users will also receive emailed updates when the status changes or more information is needed. 

Why do I need a user account? 

All Organizations will need to create at least one New Portal User Account . Even organizations with an existing exemption need to create a user account to access the Portal.

These user accounts should be created or managed by or for the person responsible for handling similar financial or tax accounts. Organizations can also designate more than one user for their account.

Nonprofit entities can apply for an exemption from property tax for properties that are used exclusively for charitable, religious or educational purposes.

These types of exemptions are not abatements (see Tax relief programs ). 

Once the District Attorney’s office reviews an application and determines it is eligible, the Board Of Equalization will review the request to become exempt.

Contact the Tax Exemption Office at 385-468-7226 or via email at and they will assist you in modifying your contact information

We will accept and process applications all year long. Once exempt, the property owner must file an annual statement by March 1st of each year to maintain the exemption.