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Thank you for your interest in United for Citizenship. To learn how you and your organization can participate, fill out the form below (This takes 1-3 minutes).

Partner Benefits

As a partner, you can:

  • Host a Citizenship Corner*
  • Invest in resources to provide ESL and Citizenship classes
  • Provide volunteers for community-based citizenship workshops
  • Invest in creating a program to help individuals pay for the application fees. Many groups have started financial and community service partnerships to help individuals with the financial aspects of their application

*In the past our office was able to request and deliver USCIS materials to our partners. At this time we ask that our partners go to USCIS and request their materials directly.

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As an invested member of the Salt Lake community, fill this form to participate in the United for Citizenship initiative and commit to support our residents to become naturalized citizens.

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