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Car Seats

Safety Tips

A properly fitting, properly installed car seat is essential to a child’s safety while riding in a motor vehicle. Follow these tips to protect your most valuable cargo!

  • Select a car seat based on your child’s age and size.
  • Select a car seat that fits your vehicle.
  • Read the owner’s manuals for your vehicle and your car seat so you understand where and how to properly install the seat.
  • Keep children in the back seat until age 13.
  • Keep children in a properly fitting car seat until they’re 57 inches tall.
  • Ensure that your car seat has not been recalled
  • When installed correctly, a car seat should not move more than one inch side-to-side and front-to-back.
  • Attend a car seat installation class or schedule a one-on-one safety check with a certified car seat technician to ensure your car seat is installed correctly.
  • You should not use a car seat:
    • older than 6 years
    • past its expiration date (usually stamped into the plastic)
    • that has been involved in a crash (even if the car seat appears unharmed—there could be internal damage that decreases the safety of the seat)
  • We do not recommend using a secondhand car seat unless you know the full history of the seat (meaning that it has not been involved in a crash, is less than 6 years old, and is not past its expiration date).



Our car seat technicians teach car seat classes in both English and Spanish at our office in the South Redwood Public Health Center in West Jordan.

You are required to attend a car seat class before purchasing a car seat on the health department’s sliding fee scale.

Please note that the child who the car seat is for must be present at the class with you.

To attend a car seat class, you must register in advance. To register, call 385-468-5284.

Current Car Seat Class Schedule

Classes are available in both English and Spanish; be sure you are looking at the schedule for the language you need.

Safety Checks

Find a local expert to make sure your car seat is the right size for your child and that it’s properly installed in your vehicle. Your vehicle and child must both be present to conduct a car seat safety check.

Safety checks typically take about 20 minutes per seat.

During summer months, we offer drive-through community safety checks at locations throughout the county. 

You may also schedule a FREE one-on-one safety check at our office in West Jordan by calling 385-468-5284.

Or, the Utah Department of Public Safety maintains a list of car seat inspection stations organized by county and city.

Low-cost Seats

The health department sells new car seats on a sliding fee scale to qualifying families.

To purchase a car seat, you must attend a car seat class and provide proof of qualifying income. To qualify, family income must be at or below 195% of the  current federal poverty level

Car seat prices will be within the range indicated below, based on family income and the type of car seat:

  • Convertible car seat: $30 to $59
  • High-back booster seat: $15 to $35
  • Backless booster seat: $13 to $28
  • Specialty weight seat 50: $46 to $90
  • Specialty weight seat 65: $76 to $148

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