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Active Communities


Active communities are designed to promote physical activity for children, teens, adults, and people of all abilities!  Living in  an active community includes having safe and walkable areas, good sidewalks, reasonable distances between destinations—including public transportation and sidewalks, and access to playgrounds, sports fields, recreational facilities, and other open areas to be physically active.

If you are looking to help in making your community an active community, please contact

Active Transportation

Active transportation is any human-powered mode of moving from one place to another, which includes walking, biking, skateboarding, canoeing, etc. 

Including walking and biking in your everyday routine helps create opportunities for physical activity, when you might feel like you don't have the time. 

For more information on active transportation opportunities, or to share comments about active transportation in your community, please contact


Annual healthcare cost savings per person by bicycling 10 minutes per day


Walkability is a measure of how friendly an area is to walking. This includes the quality of and if there are or aren’t:

  • Footpaths
  • Sidewalks
  • Pedestrian Right-of-Ways
  • Street Connections
  • Traffic and Road Conditions
  • Overall Safety

Some of the benefits of walking as a form of transportation includes decreasing the usage of automobiles in the community and reducing long-term disease (I.e., heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and depression).

If you are someone who walks frequently in your community, you can share your voice with community leaders, by completing our Walkability Review or sharing a Video Survey and sending them to

UDOH participation consent formWalkability information


Park Rx Utah is a multi-sector initiative that prescribes parks and other green space to  improve physical, social and mental health, and promote wellness and connect all Utahns to parks and other outdoor green space!

For more information, visit Park Rx Utah online or on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Resources are provided for you to help create an active home and community.

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