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Green & Healthy Homes Initiative: Get Help

The Program's goal is to help families who have health conditions that are impacted by the home. The Program often targets several different issues that can be found in a home, including:

  • Radon gas safety
  • Presence of lead
  • Trip and fall hazards
  • Causes of asthma or any severe respiratory problems
  • Energy efficiency
  • Retrofits to keep the elderly in their homes, so they can age in place


  • Applicants must earn 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) or below. To determine your income limit based on your family size, visit our Income Guidelines Webpage.
  • Be a homeowner in Salt Lake County
  • This program is open to all residents, regardless of legal status
  • Have critical needs to be addressed. Examples include:
    • Roofing
    • Windows
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing


  • Provide income verification for the last two months
  • Copy of homeowner's insurance certificate, if applicable
  • Copy of current or year-end mortgage statement
  • Each property must be inspected by Salt Lake County or its designee and pass an environmental review
  • Identify the costs of medical treatment before and after the remediation


Call or email Housing Intake Coordinator Sara Hernandez at 385-468-4890 or

How to Submit

Completed applications can be submitted in one of three ways:

1. Mail the application

Green & Health Homes Initiative/Salt Lake
Sara Hernandez
2001 S. State St. S-2100
PO Box 144575
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575

2. Email the application to

3. Fax the application to 385-468-4894

Green & Healthy Homes
2001 S. State Street  S2-810
PO Box 144575
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575