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Our mission at Salt Lake County Regional Economic Development is to attract, retain, and grow businesses in Salt Lake County and to position and promote the region as a strong competitor in the global economy in order to ensure health, prosperity, and exceptional opportunities for all county residents.

How We Approach Economic Development

At Salt Lake County, we

  • Provide businesses access to redevelopment area resources and opportunities
  • Promote involvement with the global market through exporting products and services and attracting foreign investment
  • Promote business growth with the help of an economic development loan fund
  • Facilitate the remediation of contaminated land through the assistance of EPA funded loans and grants
  • Build coalitions that work together to create economic corridors throughout the county

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What is Economic Development?

Economic development is a change in employment and/or per capita income that is self-sustained. In other words, economic development means creating jobs that pay wages sufficient for individuals to not only meet their basic needs, but to participate fully in the local economy.

What is Regional Economic Development?

A regional approach to economic development means working cooperatively to meet the needs and ensure the economic well-being of all of the region’s residents. We do this through attracting new businesses and capital into the region, planning economic corridors that connect cities, and fostering the growth of local start-ups - all while promoting policies that protect residents and ensure that resident tax-dollars are being spent responsibly.

What is Municipal Economic Development?

Municipal economic development means working collaboratively with Salt Lake County’s metro townships and cities to meet their respective needs. Our partners receive assistance in formulating and executing economic plans that play to our client’s strengths. Our team also works to attract jobs and cultivate resilient communities through financing redevelopment activities.

Regional Economic Development
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