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Solicitation Information

Not sure what type of solicitation is needed? Review the Purchasing Decision Flowchart

Agency Buyer Liaison Program Assignments

Request for Bids

Request for Bid

Request for Bids (RFB) is a formal, low-bid process mainly used for purchases over $50,000. 


Construction Documents

Construction Process

Construction Request for Bids is a formal low-bid process to procure a contractor for approved capital construction and building improvement projects over $50,000.


Request for Quotes

Quote Process


The informal quote process may be used for simple purchases not to exceed $50,000.

  • Quotes must be in writing from at least three qualified vendors
  • Agencies are encouraged to use the quote template provided on the Contracts and Procurement website (or the agency may request C&P to solicit the quotes)
  • Any request for quotes should include the county's Terms and Conditions as an attachment.
  • Quotes may be received by email
  • Enter a requisition in PeopleSoft, with the Supplier ID “BID”, and attach the quotes or prospective vendors for C&P to contact for quotes
  • C&P shall review the quotes and award to the vendor offering the lowest quote
  • C&P will prepare a purchase order to the awarded vendor

Request for Applications

Request for Applications

RFA’s may be used when a county agency administers a grant or funding program that requires applications in order to participate in the program, and the county is not a direct recipient of, or directly procuring, goods or services (See County Ordinance 3.25).

Connecting the right funds to the right individuals and organizations can seem daunting. However, Contracts and Procurement is here to help. Below are two documents; an RFA Process Flow Chart and RFA Guidelines, to help you on your way. Also, our office is available to answer any questions, or to point you in the right direction as you develop the best possible RFA for the best possible results.

We recommend the Office of Diversity and Inclusion as a great resource to look at RFAs, prior to their release, from the lens of inclusivity and plain language. Please reach out to them via email or visit their site for additional contact info.  

RFA Examples

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