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Primary Goals and Focus of the USU Bastian Agricultural Center

The primary goals and focus of the USU Bastian Agricultural Center will be to:

  • Provide agricultural education and experiences to an increasingly urban population
  • Promote youth education through the only youth 4-H center in Utah
  • Deliver community-based adult education
  • Provide research-based information to local government, community organizers, constituents and corporate leaders
  • Share the most recent agricultural knowledge, technologies, and manufacturing methods
  • Further research and development to discover better products and processes

Pre-concept Planned Components of the Bastian Agricultural Center

The Bastian Agricultural Center will include four (4) major areas comprised of the following
facilities and spaces:

1. Natural Resource Area

Natual Area Example

  • Create trails as a community resource
  • Develop a lake for recreation and programming
    • Activity Island
    • Eco Island
    • Beach
    • Docks
  • Develop an amphitheater area for community and educational programming
  • Create spaces for water education
  • Develop landscaping including native plants for educational efforts

2. Educational Area

Educational Area Example

  • Develop a state-of-the-art STEM center
  • Develop facilities for plant and animal science education
  • Provide space for research crops
  • Develop educational garden plots
  • Provide facilities for 4-H horse programs
  • Provide facilities for 4-H livestock programs
  • Develop agritourism events and exhibits

3. Equestrian Activities (Existing Facilities)

Map thumbnail
  • Continue current equine events
  • Draw additional events, both equine and nonequine, to the facility
  • Continued and broadened opportunities for non-equine events
  • Updates to equine arenas and facilities to draw more professional equine focused events
  • Prioritized 4-H/community equine ride times

4. Pasture Area

  • Providing a safe space and best practices demonstration for equine and livestock

Benefits to Salt Lake County:

Girls with a cow and hay
  • Increase usership by the local community in facilities and opportunities at the site
  • Increase in educational programming and opportunities designed to improve the lives of Salt Lake County residents
  • Increase recreational opportunities for residents in an urban area
  • A continuation of the majority of programming and events currently happening at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park and Event Center
  • A commitment to continue to work with and serve the equestrian community in Salt Lake County while broadening the reach of the facilities to serve additional
  • A commitment from Utah State University and the Bastian Family Foundation to support the facility long term
  • Partnership in and a reduced timeline for the development of a multimillion-dollar facility and resource in Salt Lake County
  • A commitment to protect portions of the Equestrian Park
    and Event Center as open space