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Virtual Field Trips

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To request access to the Virtual Field Trip shows, please fill out the request form.

We understand that many schools may not be able to visit Clark Planetarium this year for an annual field trip. We strongly believe in the value of our live, in-person lessons – and hope you do, as well! But we know that not every class is able to visit us each year. To help, we will continue to offer part of our Virtual Field Trip Program to Utah public and charter schools.

We are offering virtual versions of our live “Skywatch” planetarium dome presentations, that directly correlate to 6th grade and 4th grade SEEd astronomy standards. Available presentations are:

  • 4th grade Astronomy (4.4)
  • 6th grade Solar System (6.1.3)
  • 6th grade Orbits, Gravity, and Inertia (6.1.2)
  • 6th grade Moon Phases (6.1.1)
  • 6th grade Eclipses (6.1.1)
  • 6th grade Seasons (6.1.1)

Virtual Field Trip on a ComputerAll of these presentations are recorded in 360° spherical video, viewable on YouTube. These interactive, 360° videos allow for your students to look around, just as they would in person. Here’s how it works:

  • If on desktop or laptop computer, click and drag the video view to look around.
  • If on a tablet or mobile device, look around by tilting the device
  • Some Virtual Reality headsets are also compatible. (We have had success with both Google Cardboard and Oculus Quest)
  • Feel free to pause and unpause to look around! the show is now at your own pace!

Clark Planetarium can provide programs at no cost to schools thanks to support from the Utah State Legislature and Utah State Board of Education. To meet their standards, we are required to report the number of students and teachers that participate in a Virtual Field Trip. Please provide these details (to the best of your knowledge) in your request. In addition, we would also ask you to avoid sharing the provided links so we can accurately account for the education experiences utilized. If you know of other schools interested in using the materials, please have them contact our reservations team and complete a request form.