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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission

Salt Lake County Addressing is dedicated in working towards enhanced public safety, increased efficiency, and more effective government service by ensuring accurate addressing in Salt Lake County.

What does the Addressing Office do?

Under Salt Lake County Ordinance 1849 § 11, 03-19-2019:
It shall be the duty of the addressing agency to establish an addressing standards and definitions policy for the county, to provide requested addressing guidance from the incorporated cities, to approve alphabetic street names and maintain and create address point data countywide by fostering a collaborative relationship with the incorporated cities of Salt Lake County. The addressing agency will maintain address points through documented data and/or validated data provided by the municipalities addressing authority.

Using the correct address allows emergency service responders to locate the caller in optimum time, USPS to deliver the mail appropriately, and the public to easily find a location in the Salt Lake Valley. Some of the Addressing Office’s responsibilities include street name approval, reviewing and implementing recorded documentation, maintaining property locations, and coordinating addressing standards with the municipalities in Salt Lake County.

What is address validation?

When we validate an address we are ensuring it is in a standardized format and in the correct location. We ensure there is a frontage (house) number, a directional (N, S, E, W), an appropriate street name and street type, and that the address is assigned to the appropriate parcel. We also check to make sure that the address is in sequence with the surrounding addresses and the odd/even house numbers are assigned on the correct side of the street. We also check that the address matches recorded documentation. We validate addresses to ensure the Post Office, delivery services and public safety can easily find your address.

What addresses does the Addressing Office validate?

The Addressing Office is responsible for validating every property address in Salt Lake County. We review all subdivision plats and address change documents recorded against properties in the county. We also use Building Permits and Business Licenses to help validate our address database. There are currently over 520,000 addresses in our system.

How do I obtain a street name approval for a new development?

Visit our Obtain a Street Name page for more information on how to obtain a street name. To learn if your proposed street name is already in use please see our list of existing street names.

Why are street name approvals needed?

Duplicated street names can cause problems for emergency dispatch and delivery services. Salt Lake County Addressing approves new street names to ensure that the alphabetic name is available and addressing standards are met. Street names must conform to county standards regarding length, street type, and prohibited name elements. For more information see our street name standards.

I am building a new house on my lot, how do I get an address assigned?

The cities and townships are responsible for the assignment of addresses in their jurisdiction. For contact information for your city representative, contact us at (385)468-6760.

A Title, Mortgage, or Utility company needs verification of my old/new address to provide a service. What do I do?

Contact us at (385)468-6760 or email and we can see if there is documentation for your address. If there is no documentation, we can connect you with the appropriate agency.

My location address is incorrect on my Tax notice or Valuation notice. How do I fix this?

Call us at (385)468-6760 or email the Salt Lake County Addressing Office. Please include a parcel number, corrected address, phone number or email address.

How can I change my mailing address on my Tax notice and Valuation notice?

To correct your mailing address on your Tax notice and Valuation notice, please contact the Salt Lake County Treasurer’s Office at (385)468-8300.

What is the difference between a mailing address and a property address?

A mailing address is where you have your mail sent to, while a property address is the actual location of a property. Most of the time the mailing and property addresses are one in the same. Some people do not have their mail delivered to their property if they have a PO Box or if they own several properties and have all their mail sent to one location, not to the individual properties.

How can I petition to change an existing street name?

Contact us at (385)468-6760 and we can connect you with your city’s representative. To learn if your proposed street name is already in use please see our list of existing streets.

When does a street need to be given an alphabetic street name?

Alphabetic street names should be given to private streets, permanent dead ends, and any street which has intersection coordinates that shift more than five numbers along its entire length. Alphabetic street names should be approved prior to the recording of documentation (e.g., subdivision plats and affidavits). For more information visit our street name approval process page.

How do I acquire property ownership information?

To acquire property ownership information, please contact the Salt Lake County Recorder’s Office at (385)468-8145.

Do I need to obtain an address for a vacant lot, barn, or workshop?

While vacant lots will have informal addresses assigned to them for tax assessment purposes, these lots will not have a certified address assigned until a structure foundation is in place. Structures such as barns, sheds, or workshops are not typically considered addressable structures.

Can the Addressing Office verify the type of structure on a parcel?

No, for information of existing structures, please contact the Salt Lake County Assessor’s Office at (385)468-8000.

I need verification of my zip code?

The Addressing Office does not have the jurisdiction or authority over your zip code, please contact your local post office or the United States Postal Service website ( for verification of a zip code.

I’m not receiving mail at my address, what should I do?

Validate your address against at the United States Postal Service website ( If your mail does not validate on the USPS website, the USPS is not aware of your address information. Report your findings to your local post office.

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