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Watershed Planning and Restoration Program

Watershed Symposium

2013 Watershed Symposium

7th Annual

Salt Lake County
Watershed Symposium 

October 23-25, 2013


With a diversity of topics and entities represented, a great turn-out, and live music, the 7th annual Watershed Symposium was our best event yet! Thank you to everyone who attended, especially to those who volunteered their time and expertise.

What it was all about

The 2013 Symposium covered ecological restoration, green infrastructure, environmental education, new energy technologies, oil spill recovery efforts, and much more. A complete listing of session abstracts and presenter bios can be found in the Symposium Program.  

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Survey Says...
In addition to written comment cards, we asked for feedback via online survey this year. As with previous years, we received very positive feedback. Check out a summary report of the online survey results.


Breakout Sessions

“A River Runs Through Us”: Expanding Watershed Education with Interactive Data Displays (5.2mb)
Brian Greene, Utah Water Watch Program Coordinator

An Ecological Status Report on the Post Oil Spill Fauna of Red Butte Creek (59.1mb)
Dan Potts, SLCF&GA

Assessment of Utah’s Nonpoint Source (319) Program (2.8mb)  Nancy Mesner, Utah State University

Best Practices for Riverfront Communities: A “How To” Guide for Implementing the Guiding Principles of the Blueprint Jordan River
(pdf, 8.7mb) Laura Hanson, Jordan River Commission
Nancy Monteith, Landscape Architect

Conservation Corps Engaging Youth in Collaborative Riparian Restoration (4.6mb)
Dave Bastian, Utah Conservation Corps

Engaging Fiscal Conservatives in Water Conservation and Protection
Zach Frankel, Utah Rivers Council

Geologic, Hydrologic and Anthropogenic Constraints on the Restoration of Red Butte Creek
Emy Maloutas, Salt Lake City
Eric McCulley, Intermountain Aquatics

Green Infrastructure in Practice in Semi-arid Climates
Christine A. Pomeroy, University of Utah

Ground Source Heat Pumps: Balancing Drinking Water Protection with New Energy Technologies (3.1mb)
Tracie Kirkham, Salt Lake City Public Utilities
Ron Lund,  Salt Lake County Health Department

Jordan River Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL): Phase 2 Research, Data Collection and Progress (13.4mb)
Hilary Arens, Utah Division of Water Quality
Michelle Baker, Utah State University
Jacob Richardson, Utah State University
R. Ryan Dupont, Utah State University
Merritt Frey, River Network
Erica Gaddis,  SWCA Environmental Consultants
Ramesh Goel, University of Utah
Theron Miller, Jordan River/Farmington Bay Water Quality Council Tom Ward, Salt Lake City Public Utilities
Jason Draper, Salt Lake City Public Utilities

Land Cover and Geomorphic Changes Over Three Decades: Can They Inform Management and Restoration of the Jordan River?
Suzanne Walther, Utah Valley University

Landfills and Recycling and Their Positive Relationship to Water Quality
Eleanor Divver, Salt Lake Valley Landfill/Recycling Center

Live-growing Plants Offer Real Benefits Over Dormant Plant Materials in Some Landscapes
Jeff Klausmann, North Fork Native Plants

Metals Concentrations in the Water Column and Brine Shrimp of Great Salt Lake (5.5mb)
Jodi Gardberg, Utah Division of Water Quality

Past, Present and Future of Agricultural Water Rights in Salt Lake County
Nich Schou, Utah Rivers Council

Recent Changes in Utah Pollution Discharge Elimination System (UPDES) Permitting for Great Salt Lake (789kb)
Christopher Bittner, Utah Division of Water Quality

Sources, Sinks and the Fate of Organic Carbon in Urban Streams: An Overview in the Context of the Jordan River
Ramesh Goel, University of Utah

Streambank Bioengineering: Natural Bank Stabilization Techniques for the Intermountain West (24.8mb)
J. Chris Hoag, Hoag Riparian & Wetland Restoration

The Jordan River Corridor: Is There Any Hope Left for the Dream of a Robust Greenway?
Jeff Salt, Great Salt Lakeeper

Utah Water Right Laws and Policies as They Affect the Jordan River and Its Tributaries
John Mann, Utah Division of Water Rights

Vegetation Inventory of the Jordan River Galena Site (9.4mb)
Marc Coles-Ritchie, METI, Inc.
Arthur Morris, Conservation Stewardship Director

Wasatch Legacy Project Panel Discussion
Laura Briefer, Salt Lake City Public Utilities
Dave Fields, Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort
Carl Fisher, Save Our Canyons
David Gellner, Salt Lake County Planning and Development
Jessie Walthers, Cottonwood Canyons Foundation
Dave Whittekiend, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Moderator: Jeff Niermeyer, Salt Lake City Public Utilities

Field Trips

Ecological Restoration in the Red Butte Creek Spillshed: Where We Are Today, Info

Watershed Education for All Ages at Tracy Aviary, Info


Directions to Utah Cultural Celebration Center





What is the Watershed Symposium?

Free and open to everyone, the Watershed Symposium brings together water quality experts, policy makers, environmental advocates, industry, academics, students, and the public. Breakout sessions, workshops, and field trips cover a broad range of topics---from general interest to technical---with local, regional, and national relevance.

Proudly hosted by Salt Lake County's Watershed Planning & Restoration Program.


We want to hear from you

We welcome ideas and suggestions for future Symposiums. Perhaps you have an idea for a presentation topic. Perhaps you or your agency would like to present or host a field trip. We'd love to hear from you.


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