2012 Performance Measures by Task

Bill and Collect Real Property Taxes

Total Parcels: 


Assessed value of all property

     $106 billion 

Value exempt from taxation 

    -$47 billion

Taxable value

       $59 billion

Taxes levied

      $1.1 billion 

Taxes collected

               $987 million

Tax Relief: Misc.

   -$5.5 million

Delinquent taxes

       $26 million
Distribute Taxes to Taxing Entities

Sixty nine separate tax entities in SLCo comprise 325 tax districts.

School Districts  

    $468 million

County government

$179 million

City government

$160 million

Special districts 

      $180 million

Other Collections

Motor Vehicle Registration Fees

$62 million

Miscellaneous Collections

-$3 million

Delinquent Taxes

$33 million

Delinquent Interest & Penalities

  $4 million


$75 million
$177 million
Refund Tax Overpayments

During 2012 the SLCo Treasurer issued refunds totaling $11,563,351