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Master Plan Overview

The Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation Master Plan is created every 10 years to help determine and guide future development of park and recreation facilities and amenities. During this process, the Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation division evaluates and recommends criteria used for decision making. By utilizing the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) data for parks and recreation amenities, standards are created for the entire county. This plan is intended to help meet the needs of current and future residents by positioning Salt Lake County to build on the area’s unique parks and recreation assets and identify new opportunities. The plan establishes a clear direction to guide staff from county, city and other municipalities in their efforts to enhance the community’s parks and recreation facilities.


Master Plan Methodology

Public and Municipal Feedback

Two public meetings were held in each of the county’s five planning areas in May and November of 2014. Input was received regarding park and recreation-related amenities as well as requests from numerous special-interest groups. Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation planners and management met with officials from all municipalities and townships within the county. Municipalities and townships are supportive of partnering to build, operate and maintain parks and recreation facilities within their respective areas.  Feedback from both the public meetings and the municipal meetings reflected the findings of the countywide needs assessment.

Master Plan Approved & Adopted

The master plan was adopted on September 1, 2015 by the Salt Lake County Council.