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Recreation Rates

All County Pass

With All-County Pass, get access to all Salt Lake County recreation centers, including outdoor pools and public skating.

Free Access to ages 2 & under, 80 & over

Free Access to patrons ages 2 & under / 80 & over to all Salt Lake County recreation centers

Group Fitness Classes included with center specific pass

Group fitness classes included with center-specific passes

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  • What is included in the All-County Pass?
    The new All-County Pass includes access to all Salt Lake County recreation centers, group fitness classes, as well as outdoor pools and public skating.
  • What is included in the Center-Specific Pass?
    Your Center-Specific Pass will also include all group fitness classes.
  • Which patrons receive free access?
    Our patrons 2 & under, as well as 80 & over can enjoy our Salt Lake County recreation centers free of charge.

  • I have a Corporate Pass. Did Salt Lake County discontinue the corporate rate?
    Salt Lake County did not discontinue the corporate rate, but these passes must now be purchased by your organization at a rate of 10% off for 6-19 annual passes and 20% off for the purchase of 20 or more annual passes. The previous method for obtaining a corporate rate became very cumbersome for tracking purposes and was not meeting the intent to have organizations initiate and encourage participation at our fitness facilities.
  • Don't my taxes pay for this facility?
    Unlike for-profit private gyms, Salt Lake County does not make a profit on any of our recreation facilities. Salt Lake County recreation facilities are, in fact, subsidized in part by tax dollars. Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation operates on a pay-to-play philosophy where those who actively utilize recreational facilities and programs pay a portion of the operational costs.  
  • I heard you now offer the SilverSneakers® Fitness Program, how can I find out if I am eligible for this program?
    Learn more about the SilverSneakers® Fitness Program here.
  • I have other questions, who can I contact?
    Please feel free to contact your facility manager with any questions. You may also reach the administrative offices of Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation at (385) 468-1800 and via email.