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How do I find a recreation center or facility near me?
Salt Lake County has facilities in every part of the County. Chances are there is a facility near you. This map includes a complete list. County Wide Map
How do I purchase a pass to a County Facility?
Each facility has daily, monthly, or yearly passes available for purchase. We also have corporate rates and discounted rates for families. Please visit a Salt Lake County facility for more information.
I want to visit a facility to see if I like it before I sign up. Can I do that?
Please feel free to drop by any Parks and Recreation facility.  A member of our staff will show you the amenities and help you familiarize yourself with the programs we offer.
Can I register online for a class or league?
A good portion of our facilities have online registration, however you will need to check directly with each facility.  County Wide Map
Do you rent your buildings?
Yes.  Part or whole facilities can be rented. Please contact the facility you are interested in reserving. We rent facilities for birthday parties, pool parties, ice rinks, meeting rooms etc. A complete list of facilities can be found here. County Wide Map
I want to bring a tournament to Utah and Salt Lake County. Can you help me? Do you have large enough facilities?
Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation has hosted a number of national tournaments and events. Give us a call (385) 468-1676.  We would love to help you bring your tournament to Utah.
Can I use your facilities even if I am not a Salt Lake County resident?
Yes. Please stop by the facility of your choice.
I have special physical needs - can you assist me?
We have adaptive recreation programs and equipment for people with physical disabilities.
I want to work for SLCo Parks and Rec part-time. What jobs are available?

We are always looking for dependable, energetic people. Our work is not a traditional office environment.

  • Lifeguards and Swim Instructors
  • Cashiers, Site Attendants, and Concession Workers
  • Recreation Leaders and Summer Camp Counselors
  • Youth Sports Officials and Site Supervisors
  • Adult Sports Scorekeepers, Timers, and Officials
  • Sport Instructors
    To find out what jobs are available contact the Recreation Center.
I want to work for SLCo Parks and Rec full-time. What jobs are available?

Merit or full-time positions are available at various times:

  • Recreation Program Coordinators
  • Aquatic Program Specialists
  • Park Operations and Maintenance

To apply visit the Salt Lake County Online Employment website for a complete list of jobs.  Or call the Salt Lake County Human Resources/Personnel Division at (385) 468-0570, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm.

List of Salt Lake County Recreation Centers

Map of Salt Lake County Recreation Centers

What are the membership rates?
Salt Lake County Recreation Rates