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Standard Plans for Public Works Construction (5MB PDF)

Flood Control

Homeowner Flood Preparedness Information

Salt Lake County’s general preparedness checklist

  • Salt Lake County Flood Control, in coordination with the Unified Police Department and the Unified Fire Authority, has prepared a county-wide map of “hot spots” on each creek, along with potential heavy equipment needs at these locations. Staging locations have also been identified and mapped County-wide for potential incident command and volunteer efforts. These combined maps will be used to plan, organize, and mobilize resources during a flood event.
  • The county currently has 5,000 sandbags filled and on pallets, and we will have 10,000 sandbags by the end of April.
  • Salt Lake County has 100,000 empty sandbags and is processing more than enough sand to fill all of the bags.
  • Salt Lake County has 400 tons of rip rap (large, angular rocks) stockpiled and ready for distribution and deployment.
  • Salt Lake County’s Flood Control and Operations Divisions have inventoried numerous pieces of heavy equipment, including back hoes, track hoes, and over 60 trucks available for hauling.
  • Two stream books are being prepared for our largest snow melt-controlled creeks.
  • Stream books are filled with various maps and are provided to equipment operators and other emergency personnel to use in a flood emergency.
  • Gages to measure the flow of streams are up and running.

We are asking that each city send an inventory of resources they have in place to help with flood fighting efforts (such as equipment or stored sand bags) they might provide the county as mutual aid in an emergency. This information should be sent to Salt Lake County Engineering and Flood Control, at (385) 468-6600

Public education and awareness is vital in emergency preparation and prevention

  • During your spring cleanup, do not dispose of yard trimmings and tree branches in the creek. This debris is difficult to remove from the creek and can clog culverts and cause flooding to neighbors downstream. If you see debris causing problems in the channel that you cannot safely remove, contact Salt Lake County dispatch at (385) 468-6101.
  • Debris in the creeks also depletes the oxygen levels in the water, which is detrimental to the aquatic ecosystem.

A permit is required for anyone doing any work along the channel of the creek, from both Salt Lake County Flood Control (no fee required) and the State of Utah Department of Natural Resources (fee required).

Safety tips

  • Monitor local media sources and other service providers from America's Weather Industry, NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards, and/or NOAA's National Weather Service web sites for vital weather information.
  • If flooding occurs, move to higher ground, away from areas subject to flooding, such as dips in roads, low spots, canyons, and washes.
  • Avoid areas already flooded and do not attempt to cross flowing streams.
  • Do not drive around barriers that warn you the road is flooded...Turn Around, Don’t Drown.
  • Never drive through flooded areas, as the road bed under the flood waters may be washed out.
  • Never allow children to play around high water, storm drains, viaducts, or arroyos.
  • Do not camp or park your vehicle along streams and washes if there is a threat of flooding.
  • Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize flood dangers.
  • Additional Information can be found on the Utah Department of Public Safety Website:

During an emergency, it is important that communities and neighbors work together to protect life and property. Private property owners and municipalities should not expect to be reimbursed by the county for labor, materials or equipment used during the flood without authorization from the county. Salt Lake County will deploy its resources during a flood emergency and expects municipalities and residents will join in a spirit of mutual aid during such an event.