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Lodestone Park

Lodestone Park - $5,000,000

Lodestone Regional Park, located at approximately 6170 West Lodestone Avenue (5990 South) within the Kearns Township in Salt Lake County and West Valley City and is 62-acres.  The park is bounded by single-family detached housing on its north, and east sides, and the arterial road 6200 South, and more residential development to the south.  To the west is the Mountain View corridor, and undeveloped land.

In 2010 the property was master planned, and in 2011, the first phase of the park, 2.5-acres in the northwest area was developed.  This first phase included, open lawn, landscape area, a perimeter path, a 2-5-year old playground, a 5-12 year old playground, and a pavilion.

The remaining acreage is planned to accommodate several multi-purpose athletic fields, informal ball diamonds, several large pavilions, natural open space, tennis, and basketball courts, a destination playground, a water splash pad, a perimeter path, and parking lots.

Southwest Regional Park

Southwest Regional Park - $10,000,000

The Southwest Regional Park property, located at 14000 south and 2700 west in Bluffdale is a gently sloping property that has been owned and farmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for many years.  In the fall of 2008, the County purchased the 80.4 acre property with Park Open Space Bond money.  Although the County owns the property the LDS Church is continuing to carry on their farming activities until such time as the County develops the property.

In 2011 Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation conducted a series of stakeholder meetings, open houses and a random sample questionnaire to assist them in developing a Park Master Plan for the property. 

As a result of this process, a Master Plan has been completed that reflects the needs and desires of residents in the Southwest area of the valley.  The Master Plan was formally approved by Bluffdale City in December of 2011 and includes:

East Terrace with a large pavilion, restrooms, children’s playground and splash pad adjacent to large open lawn areas for informal play. 
West Terrace with a large pavilion, restrooms, children’s playground and multi-purpose fields nearby.

Southwest Terrace provides a small pavilion and children’s playground adjacent to an open lawn area for informal play.

Over 800 parking spaces are strategically placed to provide adequate parking for park activities without impacting the surrounding area.

Interconnecting trails loop through the park providing an enjoyable walking experience as well as serving the various activities in the park.

Included is a Meadow Walk which incorporates a meandering walkway through a swath of the park that would have native grasses, wild flowers, and heavier tree plantings and would add a unique element to the park.

Wheadon Farm

Wheadon Farm Park - $6,000,000

The Gene and Deane Wheadon Farm has been a working farm from the early 1900’s until 1997 when a conservation easement was placed on the property by the Wheadon family.  This easement is held by the Utah Open Lands Conservation Association.

In 2008, Salt Lake County purchased the 64 acre farm with park bond to provide public use of the land in a manner that enhances the conservation values and allows the development of a public park that reflects the mission of UOL to protect the historical and agricultural significance of the property.

Approved uses for the park include:
• Community garden and cultivated crops
• Wildlife viewing
• Wetlands, ponds, wet meadow and streams
• Biking, hiking and walking trails
• Gathering areas for picnicking
• Organized sports and team play but no permanent bleachers, foal posts or equipment
• Group pavilions
• Restrooms
• Parking lots(limited size)

As a result of input and recommendations received from the general public, Salt Lake County, and Utah Open Lands, a Master Plan was prepared and subsequently reviewed and accepted by the primary stakeholders in March of 2010.

The Master Plan reflects the intent for the park to have a strong farm theme, with opportunities for urban farming, recreation, relaxation, education, health, and sustainability. 

The Master Plan includes:

Urban farming, farmers market, group pavilions & children’s playground, restrooms, open field activity areas, water feature, multi-use sports fields, Open meadows, natural areas, hard & soft trails, Interpretive elements, and parking. 

A farm theme will be carried throughout the park with the use of architectural and landscape elements reflecting the property’s rich agricultural history.

ATK Park Property Master Plan

ATK Hercules (Land Acquisition Only) $5,500,000

A large regional park is master-planned in Magna Township that will feature a splash pad, children's play areas, sports fields, pavilion, skate spot, basketball court, tennis courts, baseball fields and a large open lawn area. The Park and Trail bond will allow Salt Lake County to purchase the property, development of the aforementioned amenities will come in the future with a separate appropriation.