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Open Space Trust Fund

Check out our Salt Lake County Open Space Facebook Page with photos of great county hikes and trails!

Trail Map


STEWARDSHIP - Protecting Public Lands


If you're looking for a service project, give us a call. We would love to have community groups help us protect and maintain Grandeur Peak and other sites.

Open Space Management Study

The Open Space Management Study (5 MB PDF) was presented to the board in August 2011. Take a look at what's happening regionally in the world of Open Space.

$48 Million Dollar Open Space and Parks Bond


Want to see what's been purchased with $48 million? The "Project Map" shows all of the Open Space projects as well as the future Parks sites!



In 2002,  the Salt Lake County Council voted to allocate $2.6 million dollars to green space acquisition. One year later, the Council determined the need to establish a separate Trust Fund and a citizen-member Committee to advise the Mayor and Council on the acquisition, preservation and development of open space.

In 2005, newly elected Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon worked with the County Council under the leadership of Councilman Cort Ashton to codify the Open Space Trust Fund. The Trust Fund has since protected more than 3,700 acres through conservation easements and purchases.

In 2006 Salt Lake County voters overwhelmingly approved a $48 million dollar bond to purchase future park land and open space.

As of December 2009, all bond funds have been committed to projects throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

Open Space Acquisition Plan

The County finalized an Acquisition Plan in 2008 that guides its project selection process. A PDF (4.62 MB PDF) version with maps is available.