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One Million Trees for One Million People

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Our goal is to plant one million trees over the next ten years. This is a true county-wide collaboration between cities, businesses, residents, community organizations, and Salt Lake County.

Salt Lake County cannot buy trees for every resident but we are building parnterships with businesses, churches, organizations, and our local nurseries to help residents purchase lower cost trees. As the Million Tree program grows, so will our ability to provide more trees and tree resources.

Start here:

and if you are a...

  • Business owner you can advertise your business's committment to community by sponsoring a tree planting
  • Eagle Scout you can plant trees for your project
  • Teacher you can use trees in your lesson plans
  • Community volunteer your group can sponsor a tree planting.

In the meantime, Check back for a growing list of planting projects in your neighborhood.


"He who plants a tree loves others beside himself."
English proverb