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Community Preservation Project

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Current Status

Legislation passed and signed by the governor was step one in giving residents of unincorporated Salt Lake County better options for local government. The goal is to help communities preserve their identity, protect and enhance what they love, while providing high quality services and low taxes.

Next Steps:

  1. Township boundaries are frozen until
    Nov. 15, 2015. This protects them from being "cherry-picked" by cities who want to take over commercial areas and the tax revenues they produce.
  2. The Mayor will recommend members to a citizens' advisory committee. The committee will meet over the remainder of the year to discuss the details of new local government options, including formation of a municipal services district. Unincorporated Salt Lake County residents can apply to be a committee member. Applications are due by May 12, 2014.
  3. The advisory committee's work will be the basis for another bill for the 2015 Utah legislative session. It will produce the opportunity for residents of unincorporated county to vote on the proposal during the November 2015 municipal elections.

Why is the Community Preservation Project necessary?

Months of time and thousands of dollars have been expended during the past 30 years over incorporation and annexation issues. This proposal would put an end to that. Salt Lake County’s unincorporated residents deserve to know what their communities will look like now and in the future, without the uncertainty that the historic border wars have created.

Adoption of this proposal would lead to expanded economic development that would increase jobs and result in sustainable economic vitality across the Salt Lake valley, while keeping taxes low.

What is the Community Preservation Project?

*The Community Preservation Project bill, SB 216 passed the 2014 Utah State Legislature*

----Read an Overview of the Bill----
----Read the Bill SUMMARY----

The Community Preservation Project will provide:

  1. Smaller government that promotes consolidated, cost-efficient provision of service with less administrative burden.
  2. Predictability and community stability. Borders would be stabilized and certainty would prevail over fears of “land grabs” by neighboring cities and worries about fluctuating revenues and service costs. Stable borders would allow bonding for infrastructure, such as sidewalks and road improvements.
  3. Direct representation for residents of unincorporated county regarding how their local tax dollars are spent.
  4. A broad tax base that supports needs throughout the unincorporated county.
  5. A robust economic development effort to compete for businesses and jobs on behalf of unincorporated communities without fear of annexation.
  6. Provide an opportunity for delivery of efficient, high quality regional services as seen by UFA and UPD.

How does it work?