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Salt Lake Valley 911


911 dispatch centers in Utah's Salt Lake Valley are fractured.

If an emergency call goes to a wrong jurisdiction the dispatcher must forward the call; wasting precious seconds.

Ben McAdams wants to fix this problem.


Mayor McAdams first announced his solution to
Salt Lake regional 911 in September 2013.

"In an emergency, seconds count. No police officer chasing a suspect in response to a 911 call from anywhere in this valley should have to stop and think about where the information is complete. A regional 911 system is an important step forward to ensure a safe, streamlined, efficient response every time." --Mayor Ben McAdams

  • Read the details of Mayor McAdams' solution to Salt Lake regional 911 in his press release.
  • The following are media reports and Salt Lake Tribune editorial in support of Ben McAdams solution:
  • Mayor McAdams took his solution a step further when he worked with Rep. Brad Dee to pass a bill in the 2013/2014 state legislative session that requires action, or forces local entities to forgo federal and state funding for 9-1-1 emergency. That provides both a carrot and a stick to move forward with a solution. In the long run, it will save both lives and taxpayer dollars.