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Traffic Citation

Disputing a Citation

Most often a citation is is issued in the event of a traffic violation. An appearance date normally not less than five days or more than fourteen days after the date of issue is indicated on the citation. Tell your side of the story by disputing or challenging a traffic citation by appearing at the appropriate court and entering a plea of ’not guilty’.

After the plea is entered you can negotiate with the prosecuting attorney or a designated hearing officer after which you may be advised to appear for trial, pay a fine, or have the citation dismissed.

Many offenses may be handled by posting and forfeiting bail. Tickets must be paid at the court indicated on the ticket. More serious offenses require a mandatory appearance before a judge.

Traffic safety schools have been established by different government jurisdictions that may allow a reduction in a fine. Contact the court within the area you received the ticket to inquire if they have a program. See also:

If you fail to appear or fail to post bail the court will issue a warrant for your arrest.

Part of Utah’s Driver Improvement Program is the points system. Upon forfeiture of bail or conviction of a moving violation points are assessed to a person’s driving record as follows. Points can vary 10 percent depending upon the severity of the conviction.

A driver under 21 years of age who accumulates 70 or more points in three years may have the license suspended or denied for one month to a year depending upon the severity of the person’s driving record.

A driver 21 years of age or older who accumulates 200 or more points in three years may be suspended for three months to a year.

Reckless Driving

80 points

Speeding 1-10 mph over

35 points


55 points


65 points

11-20 mph over

60 points

21+ mph over

60 points

Failure to Yield Right-of-Way

60 points

Following Too Closely

50 points

Wrong Way on One-Way Street

60 points

Running a Red Traffic Light

60 points

Running a Stop Sign

60 points

Improper Lookout

60 points

Improper Passing

60 points

Improper Turn

60 points

Negligent Collision

60 points

Other Moving Violations

40-60 points

Resolving a traffic or parking ticket in Salt Lake County

Your traffic or parking ticket instructs you to appear in the Salt Lake County Justicaftere Court within 14 days you get the ticket.

  • If you do not resolve your ticket within 14 days your fine will increase by $20.
  • If you do not resolve the ticket within 40 days after you received it, a failure to appear charge will be added to your case and a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Two options for resolving your ticket.

  • 1 - Pay the fine by coming to the court to pay by cash, credit card, check or money order. Or mail your check or money order, made payable to the Salt Lake County Treasurer, to the Court at 2001 South State Street, Room S4200, SLC, UT 84190. When your ticket has been filed in the court, you will receive a courtesy bail notice with the amount of your fine. If you mail your fine payment, please include a copy of your ticket or the courtesy bail notice.
  • 2 - Speak to a Court Referee about your options to resolve the ticket. If you and the Court Referee cannot agree to a resolution, the Referee will schedule you an arraignment with the traffic court judge. Please call 468-2143 to make an appointment to see the Court Referee.

Please note that we cannot quote fine amounts to you over the telephone. Please wait until you receive the courtesy bail notice which will describe the amount of your fine.

Resolving other citations in Salt Lake County

For most citations you will be required to see a Judge to resolve your matter. You should receive a Courtesy Bail Notice telling you which Judge has been assigned to hear your case. You must call the Court at the number listed on the Notice within 14 days to schedule an appointment.

The Notice will be sent to your address as noted on your citation. If that is the wrong address, please contact the court at 468-3430 with your correct address. If you do not receive a Notice within 14 days after you got your citation, please call the court.

  • If you do not contact the court to make an appointment to see the judge within 14 days after receiving your citation, your ultimate fine will increase by $20.
  • If you do not contact the court within 40 days, a failure to appear charge will be added to your case and a warrant for your arrest will be issued.

If you have been booked into jail on new charges, you will receive an Information and Summons telling you what date you have been scheduled to appear. If you have not received this information within about 6 weeks after you were booked, please call the court at 468-3430 to check on the status of your case.