Satrt Up. Starting a new business in Salt Lake County

Starting a business can be a daunting task.Where can you find information on tax issues, employment regulations, and licensing? To find the latest information and contacts that will help you keep your entrepreneurial dreams alive, click here.


Grow up. Growing your business  in Salt Lake County

Whether you are the owner of a home-based business or a large business with 100's of employees, you may need help growing your business. Click here for ideas on marketing, financing or upgrading your business plan.

Move up. Moving your business to Salt Lake County

Thinking about moving your business to Salt Lake County? Salt Lake County is the heart of Utah's economy. It is the most "happening" place in Utah. This section will provide you with information and contacts to help you in your site search.

Fire up. Doing business in Salt Lake County

Businesses in Salt Lake County can spark their businesses by learning about new growth opportunities. Information in international marketing, federal procurement outreach, and other new developments within the county are available here.

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