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Community Access to Technology (CAT)

Lab Rules At A Glance

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Privacy is limited in a public lab setting.
  • DO NOT adjust or move lab equipment.  This includes monitors, headphones, etc. 
  • No food and/or drink items allowed in computer lab.
  • Please do not disturb other patrons.  Patron disturbances will be handled by the Lab Instructor and/or Interns.  Adult and child patrons MUST keep noise to a minimum.
  • Internet use is monitored regularly by off-site administrators.  Attempts to reach inappropriate and/or adult content will result in loss of lab privileges.   
  • Printing Limits:
    -  Homework / Job-related printing - 20 pages
    -  Printing for entertainment purposes - 5 pages
    See Lab Instructor for more information.
  • Children under 5 MUST be closely attended.
  • Fighting, verbal outbursts, abusive language, running, etc. will NOT be tolerated. 


I have read (and I understand) the lab rules, and I agree to abide by them during my time in the CAT Computer Lab.  Breaking the rules can result in loss of privileges.