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Community Access to Technology (CAT)

Lab Rules At A Glance

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                                        LAB RULES


          Please respect other patrons ad the lab equipment!

Failure to follow these rules may result in a loss of your lab privileges, and/or your being asked to leave the lab and not return:

  1. Privacy is limited in a public lab setting!
  2. No food and/or drink items allowed in computer lab. This includes water bottles. No exceptions.
  3. Please do not disturb other patrons. Patron disturbances will be handled by the Lab Instructor. Adult and child patrons MUST keep noise to a minimum. Cell phone use that disturbs others is prohibited. If others can hear you, please take your call outside.
  4. Fighting, verbal outbursts, profanity, abusive language, running, or other disrespectful behavior will NOT be tolerated. These behaviors could result in a loss of lab privileges.
  5. The CAT Lab may be reserved for private classes. This is always posted in advance on the Class Calendar. Allowing other patrons to remain in the lab is solely at the discretion of the Lab Instructor. If the Lab Instructor asks you to leave the lab, you must leave without argument or delay.
  6. We maintain an appropriate public atmosphere. Internet use is monitored regularly by off-site administrators. Attempts to reach inappropriate and/or adult content will result in loss of lab privileges.
  7. DO NOT adjust or move lab equipment. This includes monitors, headphones, chairs, etc.
  8. Printing Limits:   Homework/job-related printing 20 pgs, printing for entertainment 5 pgs. See Lab Instructor for more information.
  9. Children under 5 MUST be closely attended.
  10. The authority of the CAT Lab Instructor is to be respected at all times.
                    If you have questions about these
                    rules, please speak with your CAT Lab
                    Instructor, or call 801-455-4798.