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Salt Lake County History

The first residents of the Salt Lake Valley were natives known as the “Desert Gatherers” or the “Fremont Indians.” They were followed by Shoshonean tribes, such as the Shoshone, Paiute, Goshute and Ute who were living in the valley when the Mormon pioneers arrived in 1847 to establish a religious settlement.

Once the “State of Deseret” government was created, the Legislative Assembly officially created Great Salt Lake County on January 31, 1850. Over 11,000 residents lived in the County at that time.

The first formal meeting of SALT LAKE COUNTY government occurred on March 15, 1852—eighteen months after the Utah Territory was established by the United States Congress.

Probate judges and county selectmen functioned in what was known as the County Court. The duties of the County Court included both judicial and executive powers for the ... more